• Machine production

    Machine production

    We are engaged in machine building activities and produce extruders, conveyors and feed technology
  • Your vision, our solutions

    Your vision, our solutions

    We turn ideas, visions and designs into reality. We construct machines and take care of their development, production, installation and servicing
  • CNC turning

    CNC turning

    We offer free capacity for CNC turning - workpiece diameter 830 mm, length 4500 mm
  • CNC plasma cutting

    CNC plasma cutting

    We offer free capacity for plasma cutting - area of 3000 x 1500 mm, thickness of 30 mm


DITECH operates not only in the area of conventional machinery and equipment for the feed industry but also in the design and manufacturing of purpose-specific machinery. Our aim is to remain a dynamic low-cost company and a reliable partner able to offer and implement any requirement by the customer within the scope of our business – from the smallest individual orders to “custom made” technological units.

The manufacturing portfolio of DITECH includes:

  • Single-screw extruders with a power capacity of 0.5 - 8 tons / hour
  • Spare parts for machines manufactured at our plant as well as for machines produced by other manufacturers
  • Extruder spare parts
    • Single-thread screws
    • Double-thread screws
    • Double-shell casings – the possibility of connecting a system for cooling/preheating screw casings with water/steam
    • Extruder shafts, etc.
  • Conveyors for transporting bulk mixtures, granulates, extrudates, cereals, meat meal and other materials
    • Belt type
    • Chain type
    • Screw type
    • Bucket type
    • Special – as requested by the customer
  • Equipment for transport and dosing of liquids, mush and pasty materials
  • Equipment for batching viscous and easily moistened powders
  • Pneumatic transport equipment, both pressure and vacuum types
  • Steel storage bins, with a forced extraction system
  • Receiving bins
  • Manufacture of mixers for special applications
  • Belt driers with reversible belt use
  • Rotating and vibrating screening machines
  • Two- and three-way valves
  • Steel structures

We will turn all of your ideas, visions and designs into reality. Based on your request we are ready to prepare a free offer that will include:

  • a schematic diagram of the ordered work;
  • a description of individual parts;
  • technical parameters of offered equipment;
  • prices divided by individual machines and parts needed for the implementation of the work (installation, wiring, control system...).
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